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AW11 From MAC

Debbie, Senior Make-Up Artist at MAC is back with her top tips for AW11…  It’s August already and hard to believe that we are heading towards the winter season. This usually means a re-think of the contents of your makeup to reflect the Autumnal shades and trends. A task for most of us that can...Read More

Acid Brights

Every spring and autumn I try to pick a few keys trends I like and whittle them down to a few key items for my shopping list. If they’re something you especially love, you will get your wear out of them and continue to merge them with next season’s must haves. So this season I’ll...Read More

Nautical But Nice

Its time to channel your inner lady and bask in the glamour of the 1950s as fashion’s perennial summer favourite sails back into vogue with a sexy, modern and gloriously playful twist on traditional Nautical style. Pretty yet sophisticated, playful yet precise, and elegant yet fun, Summer 09’s nautical look mixes lashings of film star...Read More