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Celebrities As Fashion Propagandists Of Art

The attitude of different people to fashion varies. Some prefer to ignore it; others notice some basic trends while some people do their best to follow it. In any case it is undeniable that present day fashion is a form of art. The amazing cloth creations, beautiful draping, outrageous styles persuade us in it. And though the main purpose of clothes is still to be worn, they have gone much further than that. The natural grace of some gowns proves that these pieces are a real art. People who are most commonly associated with such clothes are not even designers themselves, but celebrities who show how these clothes should be worn and how exquisite some pieces really are.

The alliance of celebrities and fashion is mutually profitable. The celebrities can reveal the real potential of a certain gown, while the gown can add to the status of celebrity as a fashion icon. Celebrities often choose the style of a certain designer which appeals to them the most creating a mutually profitable bond. Famous designers are very creative and artistic which proves that the products of their activity are art.

The best place to see the celebrities in designer pieces of art are red carpet events. That is where celebrities look their best and they can really make those dresses shine! By the way the dresses they wear to such evens are always designed especially for them and for this very event. When designers create red carpet clothing, they keep the celebrity red carpet look and image in their mind and create a work of art around this image.

The gowns celebrities wear play an important role in defining their personal style and the way public perceives them. As a result a celebrity can become strongly associates with a certain style and designer. This style can become a personal trademark of the celebrity. This tradition has been around for quite awhile now. We still think of Audrey Hepburn as a fashion icon of her time. And Marilyn Monroe was also associated with her own style which was emulated by millions of women. Their style is recognized today even if it is worn by other people. Even today they are in the center of fashion and art industry. We might even say that the art is made about them now.

The sketches of potential outfits that are going to be made for certain celebrities with their autographs on them can get sold for a lot of money. They enrich private collections. Some people collect such sketches as pieces of celebrity art. Thus they constitute art as well. Sketch is also an important part of the production process: it can show in advance what elements will or will not work.

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