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Whos That Gal Benefit Brightening Face Primer

Nobody knows their stuff like our Style VIPs, which is precisely why we think they are the perfect people to give you the low down on a variety of essential products, providing you with a virtual ‘try before you buy.’ This time we selected three lovely ladies to try out Benefit’s fabulous brightening face primer “That Gal”; and Rebecca, Debbie and Sara were more than happy to give us their opinions. “That Gal” Brightening Face Primer £21.50 is available from the Benefit counter in Selfridges.


I normally buy my make-up from Boots. I hadn’t used a face primer before so I liked the fact that this is easy to apply, it glides on! The product gave a smooth finish and a natural glow to my skin. This primer definitely smoothed laughter lines and created a flawless base for my foundation.  It also seemed to help my foundation to stay on longer. I do think it is worth £20.50 but I’m not sure if I will buy it again myself – it will be on my Christmas list though!  I hope to try other Benefit products and look out for them in the shops.

Rebecca R

The product is a bright pink colour, twisting the end of the container squeezes the product through tiny holes which you then apply using your fingers. It brightened and highlighted my complexion, the effect was quite subtle and I was pleased with the result. Although it evened out my complexion, the wrinkles looked no different to usual and I think there are products that do a similar job for less money.


My favourite brands are usually Clinique and Boots No.7. As I have never used face primer before, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was really pleased with the results it gave. My skin looked really fresh and natural when I applied it with just some moisturiser. I also used it with foundation and I found my foundation lasted longer during the day having used the face primer and gave a nice glow. This product was very easy to apply, and blended in perfectly with my skin tone.  I also liked the way you could twist the bottom and control the amount that came out. It is absolutely worth £20.50 and I will definitely be buying more. This is now a must have for my make-up bag and I have already told all my friends about it!

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