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Weird things you can vape in this quarantine for fun

With COVID-19 rapidly spreading its terror across the globe, we are forced to quarantine within our homes with no outside human contact. Since many people are using this time to cook, read, and even watch Netflix all day, if you own a vape, then we have something exciting in store for you.

Did you know that there are several ridiculous-sounding things that vapers are trying out in this quarantine and making their days even more enjoyable? Well, here’s a list to lift your spirits and get you to work. 

Read on!

The Good Variants

1. Honey

As you can already imagine, honey will leave a sweet taste in your mouth, making it a favourite among many people. However, there is no satisfaction of nicotine so many people might not consider it for daily use. Also, the cleanup is a big hassle. 

2. Hot Fudge

Not only does this sound delicious, but it sticks up to its reputation. You not only enjoy the hot fudge on your delicious bowl of ice cream, but you are also going to enjoy it in your vape as well. Give it a shot, and you won’t be sorry.

3. Lavender

Hmmmmm, that amazing smell of lavender already makes us happy just by the thought of it. Imagine how wonderful you will feel when you vape it? Aside from that, it offers tons of health benefits too, such as freshness, relaxation and reduced blood pressure. 

If you want to manage your stress and lower your chances of dealing with diabetes along with the benefits as mentioned above, you can also vape Ginseng or your regular cannabis flavoured e liquid.

The Stupid Ones

1. Hand Sanitiser

Mission abors! I say, don’t even consider this an option because you might vomit or lose your sense of taste for a while. Not just that, you will be coughing your lungs out, which is not worth any experiment. Let your sanitiser kill the germs and not your desire to vape ever again.

2. Ketchup

This already sounds bad so why even try it, right? Well, exactly! There is no change in flavour as you will know that you are actually vaping ketchup which is pretty awful in itself. 

3. Vodka 

Want to have a kick of both smoke and alcohol at once? Why not try vodka and find out if it works for you? Well, we suggest if you don’t! Yes, it tastes fabulous with coke or even neat to some people, but it might make you stay off vaping for a few days once tried.

4. Butter

This idea is pathetic as eating burnt popcorn because that’s precisely what you are going to taste after you smoke butter. If you are someone who already can’t stand butter but thought that this experiment might change your outlook, it will only firm your hatred for butter.

Well, marijuana and vape liquids are the usual companions of your vaporiser. However, these items mentioned above will give your head spin and kick out the boring vibes. In case none of these seems to fit with you, feel free to enjoy cannabis flavoured e-liquid for a satisfying vaping experience.

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