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The Show: Dolls House – Hair By Regis

Unique was the theme for the hair for The Show: Dolls House, a refreshing eclectic change from usual “clone” runway hair! A mix of curls and sleek, 20s and 70s, long and short anything goes which is a reflection of what a usual day in the salon is like. The biggest trend this season is being yourself.

Here are my favourite 3 looks from the show…

1. Arabella Chi- 70s Siren

With Arabella Chi’s hair it was all about Bridget Bardot, Bond Girls and Big Sexy Hair.  Our toolbag essentials for achieving the look are GHD Gold stylers (rrp £119.99), a teasing brush and Design Line Texture Boost Powder (rrp £8.49). To start take large sections of hair and loosely waved the hair by feeding it through the GHD styler at an angle, think curling ribbon with a knife, then wind each section around fingers and pin with a kirby grip to create barrel curls. After 20 mins unwind. Then starting in front of the crown lift sections of hair tapping Texture Boost Powder into the root underneath the sections, working to below the crown and to the sides. Backcomb the roots using the brush following the same pattern. Then smooth the crown using the brush. To finish the look, side part the front of the hair and loosely pin the front sections back and shake the curls gently to separate.

2. Julie- 20s style think Prada Spring 2011

Loved, loved, loved this look. We wanted perfect set finger waves for a clean look echoing a 1920s flapper girl. This took wet hair saturated in Design Line Volumising Gel and a pin tail comb teasing the hair into place to create, and lots of hairspray!

3. Tillie- Crystal Tips

To create Tillie’s look we kept the haircut blunt and above the shoulder and the fringe strong. The color was a two tone, ombre, copper and the combination of the cut and colour helped to amplify the style into a wide triangle shape. The hair was crimped lower and lower down the hair working up the head to keep lots of width and then brushed out to expand but reduce the crimp, the result was bold, strong, not for the faint hearted and… Unique!

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