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Make City Chic The Centre Of Your Summer Wardrobe

Appearing sophisticated during the hot summer months is not always easy but take inspiration from the cosmopolitan theme at Bullring this season and you can be looking cool in more ways than one. This season Bullring is taking inspiration from jet set living by transporting its customers to the world’s most glamorous cities; Paris, Madrid and New York. From the 27th July to the 16th August, Bullring will be hosting mini-versions of the three cities along with themed events at the centre. They are such iconic cities each with a strong individual style so take guidance and get the look of Sarah Jessica Parker or France’s First Lady Carla Bruni.

To get that timeless Parisian look, it is all about the accessories; hats, gloves and scarves feature largely in any grand dame’s wardrobe. Labels loom large in this look so wherever possible go for designer names. Try this season’s must have Chloe bag the ‘Paraty’ and always accessorise with sauce-pan lid size shades (they hide a multitude of sins), Chanel have some stunning shades available from Selfridges.

For when you are in party mode, take inspiration from the passionate Spanish for a fun, flamboyant look perfect for weddings, fairs and evening events. Big on colour, pattern and style, try this season’s key shade of electric blue as an essential accent colour adding excitement to any outfit. A Balenciaga bag available from Selfridges is big enough to contain all your worldly belongings, while these sky-high shoes from Zara add drama to any dress.

For a daytime or work wardrobe, take inspiration from those sassy New Yorkers whose street style is the envy of the world. Boasting desirable yet affordable designers such as Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren, these city slickers combine effortless chic with a cutting edge. Pumps from Calvin Klein in Selfridges are instant classic but guaranteed to keep you on your feet during the most hectic of days, while a Tommy Hilfiger bag lightens up a weekend shopping outfit.


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