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Celebrity Perfumes – A Financially Profitable Venture


People have always been obsessed with famous people. However, present day celebrity obsession is going wild. Wherever you go and whatever you read or watch you will come across celebrity news, gossip, coverage etc. However, today it is not only their lives that are in focus of public attention. Celebrities are selling now. They are the key element to increasing the sales of any product. For some reason people tend to buy stuff with celebrity photos more eagerly than product not identifies with any public person. The same is true for everything: print media, TV, beauty products etc. If people had to choose either to watch a TV show featuring a celebrity or not featuring one, the majority would go for the first option. Taking all this huge amount of attention, trust and admiration people have for celebrities, the latter found a way to turn it into money. They started with literary activity to get their revenues from public attention. Later this has gone much further. Now celebrities design clothes, accessories, create new fragrances etc.

The fragrance creation craze is one of the most popular celebrity activities now. And we must admit that this is a profitable production for all who are involved in it. Perfume manufacturers love cooperating with celebrities as it is a 100% guarantee that the new scent will go off the shelves in no time. Celebrities get good money for their perfumes no matter if they really participate in the creation process or just ‘borrow’ their names to the product. And the buyers are happy to get something that was created by their favorite celebrities. The only thing to verify before getting into this partnership is that the celebrity style and image fit the brand’s values and their positioning on the market. Using celebrity images is a much easier way to develop advertisement campaign for the product. The image and the style of a celebrity that is instantly recognized is an advertisement already.

Strangely enough but the association of a certain product with a celebrity can sometimes even affect its sales negatively. The public perception of a celebrity product is inseparable from its perception of the celebrity. Thus, if the celebrity is in favor then the product is also in great demand. If the celebrity falls out of favor then this will be instantly reflected on the product sales.

However, this aspect is usually not taken into consideration because celebrity fragrances are at the peak of glory now. If you check latest issues of famous magazines you will see how many fragrances are created by celebrities. You will be stunned how many film and music stars are involved in fragrance industry nowadays. And the public loves it! People want to associate themselves with their favorite celebrities. Thus, they invest in celebrity perfumes eagerly. And this tendency does not seem to cease.

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