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Can Ask You To Wear Proper Clothes


Now German bosses can ask their female employees to wear proper underwear! A Germany court has ruled out that employers have the right to ask their female staff to wear right stuff at work and can also dictate their finger nails.The ruling came from the State Labour Court in Cologne in the northwestern part of Germany in a judgement related to grooming and dressing habits ofairport security personnel.

In fact, according to this ruling, bosses can ask women employee to wear proper bras and even ask them to keep their hair clean and well groomed while the male employee can sport bear but that should be well-trimmed.

The court says that, being told to wear proper bra and keeping finger nails shorter than half a centimeter does not violate personal rights.Women can choose not to wear bra if they wear an undershirt.Employees won on one point that they will be allowed to wear wigs of their choice.

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