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Beware of Hidden Pornographic Images in Christmas Gift


Parents in Melbourne have been warned to check their children’s Christmas Gifts after it was revealed hundreds of hardcore pornographic images had been hidden in books, clothes and toys and clothes at some of Melbourne’s major shopping centres. Some children in Melbourne may be in for a nasty shock when they open their presents on Christmas morning.

It was revealed afrer the Melbourne police a man was arrested for allegedly slipping pornographic images of children into merchandise at four major shopping malls last month, reported the Herald Sun. Information technology expert Kenneth Palliser, 53, of Mitcham, allegedly slipped pornographic images of children into merchandise at four major shopping (Knox City, Doncaster, Forest Hill Chase and Eastland) complexes in the eastern suburbs between November 18 and 26.

Picture of Christmas GiftsHe is suspected of printing the pornographic images from the Internet, laminating them, then cutting the prints into postcard size to ’several hundred’ of Christmas Gifts. While staff at the affected shops have made all efforts to check their merchandise, the police believe that many customers may have left with goods containing the images.

Det. Sen-Sgt Greg Heafield, of the Nunawading Criminal Investigation Unit, appealed to parents to check gifts thoroughly before wrapping them to avoid a shock on December 25. “Appropriate action was taken by the police at an early stage, but I’d encourage parents to look at the gifts first to ensure there is nothing in it that might alarm the child,” he said.

“The resulting arrest is pleasing, although the offence is horrific and has terrible overtones for parents,” he added.

Mr Palliser is facing five charges including contaminating goods and possessing child pornography. Police expect to charge him with up to 20 more offences. He is believed to have been working alone and is not thought to be part of any wider network of paedophiles, the police said.

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