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Beverley’s Top Styling Tips

Beverley from Regis gives us her top tips for students graduating this summer, plus advice on achieving her favourite look of the moment… At the salon for the past few weeks we’ve had many graduates and their families coming in to get their hair prepared for the Graduation Ceremonies. There’s been lots of restyling, curling and straightening happening to make every attendees’ hair look perfect for the big day. To celebrate and help those who are still studying, here are Regis at Debenhams top tips for keeping costs down and your hair looking amazing. Have beautiful hair for the summer and the new term!

Invest in a bottle of the amazing Moroccan Oil (M O) at around £30, this bottle of hair magic will keep your hair looking shiny and feeling beautiful and is really cost effective because you need only a small amount so it lasts for ages

Get in on the secret with Fiji Therapy Oil which has similar benefits to M O and contains not only Argan Oil which is the main ingredient in M O but also Tamanu which has been used by Pacific Islanders for thousands of years for its healing and moisturising properties. Only £9.49

To keep hair colouring costs down here are my top 3 tricks:

3. For a striking look without having to worry about roots try Undertones, panels of subtle or strong slices of colour, which are placed below the parting to add contrast.

2. Cleverly placing 8 to 10 slices of colour on your parting and towards the front of your face will blend roots and keep you going in between visits for a full head of hi-lites

1. Perfection by Wella is my favourite colouring product in the salon. If you want instant shine, to refresh your colour in between visits or to add colour to your present hair it’s perfect. It is great for weak hair too because it has an ingredient which helps to strengthen the hair. After having your hair shampooed and conditioned, Perfection is applied and Ta-Da! It’s done, straight away, instant and lasting about 3 shampoos, is perfect for a weekend away, a special occasion or a night out.

My look of the moment is using a Donut to create a fabulous up do. First roughly curl your hair, then section your hair ear to ear (like an Alice band) and put the back into a pony tail.

Secondly, thread the donut onto the pony tail. Then back comb the hair in the ponytail and pin messily around the donut so that it is covered and a rough bun is formed. Lastly, back comb small sections of the remaining hair and pin around the messy bun. Be creative and be as big and messy or smoother and sleeker as you like. Also depending on where the pony tail is it could be a side look or higher or lower.

Have any questions you want to ask Bev? Simply log-in and comment below and we’ll put your questions to Bev.

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