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Doing business by the pick and pack method eases the process of delivery of items to retailers or store owners. The system of pick and pack is a normal warehousing technique for completion of an order. The process starts with critical inventory item. The individual items as per the list picked from the warehouse shelves and then packed and shipped to complete the fulfillment of the order. To execute mixed orders ‘pick and pack’ process is advantageous. Warehouses accumulate bulk items in pallets and shelves in sizable boxes. Single items, then taken from the shelves or pallets to fulfill an order. Usually, warehouses receive materials in huge quantity for storage and delivery in less quantity or numbers as part of mixed orders.

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A simple example can illustrate the point. The construction industry wants electrical wires of various sizes and lengths. Suppose your company deals and sells such electrical wires, you should store large reels of different types of electrical wires in your warehouse. While executing a specific order, cut the wires into required lengths and deliver the same. This is acceptable by both parties. The construction industry is able to procure all its wire requirements from a single point and you are able to sell various sizes and lengths of wire to a single customer. Pick and pack system makes it possible. The pick and pack system of executing orders is quite favorable to the drop shipping companies. These companies transport small quantity of products by a chain of distributors. In dealing with associated retailers and/or individual storeowners, the drop shipping companies implement the pick and pack strategy to supply the required items to them.

The has an advantage. Various small orders add up to high sale of stocks and the storeowner makes a gain on all orders directed to the drop ship company. Thus, as and when a drop ship company receives an order for delivery of items, they simply pick and pack and ship them off. If required, verification and finding information can be sent online to the retailer and the customer. The storage warehouse needs to do a cost benefit analysis. Though pick and pack technique is highly economical to fulfill orders, the volume of sales should be high enough to justify storage of bulk inventory. Unless, drop-shipping companies are able to sustain long-term relationships with affiliates, it will be difficult to generate high volume of sales and consequently reduce costs. Retailers storeowners also profit from pick and pack warehousing, as they are able to access bulk stock and warehousing facility with no large expenditure. Many online firms execute order through pick and pack method. Processing orders becomes trouble free and quick as the inventory and shipping system is internet based.

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