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Balance Your Surf Life and Personal Life Perfectly Together!

Being a human is something really complex! And when you stand on the surf for the first time, you are drawn to another world altogether. This hobby changes your life for the better, and there can be extreme situations where you feel addicted to it. Do your near ones complain that you aren’t balancing your lifestyle properly? Are you indulging all your time and money surfing? In these situations, surfing makes your life a little more complex. In any situation, balance is the key to a happy life. Surfing (or any other sport or activity for the matter of fact) is not an exception!

Nowadays surfing isn’t just a hobby or a sport practised for fun. It has become a lifestyle for many people. People actually get addicted to swaying on the waves on their surfboards. What’s more, there are surfers enjoying their positions as teachers, sportsperson, water sport managers, and lifeguards and even as fitness freak! Many surfers have this habit of leaving everything behind to give primary preference to surfing. And this can often cause a lot of issues in your personal and professional life.

 How can you manage your surfing and normal routine lifestyle excellently together?

Anything beyond limit does affect you somewhere. And if you love surfing beyond limits (although we understand your passion towards it), then the consequences are going to be somewhat disturbing. Here is a short guide that will help you to balance both your love for surfing, while giving equal attention to your family and work too!

  • Dedicate your weekends to your family — Ok, so were you expecting that your weekend should be all for your surfboards and no family time? If you are doing this, then you are getting it all wrong. Don’t just give your favourite sports your weekends, let them occupy a good time on your daily routine. And weekends, after the hectic schedule at work (and giving almost no more than a nod to your family amidst the chaos), your loved ones deserve your time more.
  • Daily early mornings for surfing can be great — Surfing is like an exercise. It is important to give it some time from your schedule daily. So, better wake up an hour earlier than usual everyday and visit the ocean at the crack of dawn. This will keep you fit and active the whole day, and since the sun isn’t scorching during that time of the day, you would be saved from getting severe sunburns. Also, when your timings are fixed, it leaves no room for complaints from your boss or family, and you get your lovely dose of surfing daily too.
  • Balance the budget wisely — There are some people who are obsessed with their favourite sports and keep on buying their sports gear quite frequently, destroying the budget balance. This may not only offend your immediate family, but may even put you into debt thereby shattering the financial equilibrium. It is therefore important not to get carried away by impulse, and always enquire about the best places selling surfboards and other gears at reasonable rates, and then buy from them. There is a commendable Surf Shop Online in UK called Board Barn, which has various sizes and shapes and different qualities of surfboards and other gears in all budgets. This keeps your expenses in control, and you thus balance your finances well.
  •  Share your surf sessions with your friends and family — Are you the one who gets alienated from their family and friends on the beach, and jump on the board and come back after hours of surfing? Your companions would surely feel neglected and would never want to go out with you ever again! This isn’t a good sign! You can instead try and teach your family and friends surfing, and share the love of it together. This wouldn’t let your family and friends feel neglected and you would be balancing your life with your hobby really well. However, don’t pressurize. If they don’t develop a love for it, spend quality time with them doing something you would all enjoy.
  • Give priority to your health too — A perfectly balanced lifestyle requires you to be fit and fine too. If you get injured while surfing or have some health issues that could intensify with surfing, try taking a break (even if it is a small one). You can never surf perfectly again if your problem worsens due to it. Therefore, for a balanced lifestyle, you need to balance your health with your passion. 

Surfing can actually become a part of your active lifestyle if you are levelling it well with your other priorities. You just have to embrace your regular work and family life along with your hobby — love them equally and grant them equal attention and time!



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