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4 Steps to Choose the Best Vape Starter Kit!

Choosing your first vaping device isn’t an easy task! You’ll have to consider various facts and check so many features and factors before buying it. Even checking various online sites and physical stores becomes a mandate to ensure you aren’t just getting your vape from any random shop. It’s after so many procedures that you would be finally getting your hands on your first vaping device or kit.

But, do you think just the above factors are sufficient? We know you shouldn’t be at all tempted by stores offering huge discounts and handing any device for you to vape. Neither just copying the same brand and vape of your friend is a wise thing to do, as both of your preferences may vary. Also, not all vape devices are suitable for beginners, and you may end up getting a complex device that you’ll need ages to learn to operate properly.

Be very sure of some important points when you buy your first vaping device!

Apart from all the above points, there are also certain very essential factors that you may miss when you go to purchase your first vaping kit, like the Aspire K3 Starter Kit from Lontech shop. Since, they have got so many excellent variants of good quality vapes and starter kits, you may feel confused and miss checking some crucial points.

  • Size of the e-cigarette — It goes without saying that the size you choose for your e-cigarettes impacts your vaping experience largely. If you have experience in smoking, and are just switching to vaping, you should go for vapes that are the size of cigarettes. If you feel that you are ready to handle a larger device and can carry it along with you, well, you are free to choose one. In short, as a beginner, try and ensure you are most comfortable with the device before buying it.
  • Can you clean the vape? — Hygiene is another important factor when looking for the perfect device to vape! Always check it or ask the seller about the way it can be cleaned, or if the coils would have to be replaced entirely when you clean the tank. It’s important to note that not all starter kits are cleanable, and there are also disposable vapes available for those who don’t want to deal with the messier side of vaping.
  • Battery capacity— Long lasting vaping battery is one factor that you should definitely check. There are three options here — either you go for a rechargeable battery which is around 600 MAH that may last up to 6 hours, or get a USB connected battery that can be charged even while you are vaping, or simply get a larger battery of 1200 MAH that can last double the initially mentioned time.
  • Vapor production — An important criterion to check when buying a vape are the vapours. Because a thin or less vapor production can be really frustrating! Always ensure to inquire about the vapor production capacity of the device before picking it up! 

These are the most neglected aspects whenever you are buying a vape for the first time. Apart from these, ensure checking the brand, better rates and even the safety of the device before opting for the same.

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